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Fair Warning is the hottest tribute to the music of VanHalen, showcasing the David Lee Roth era. The Band is based out of Northeast Pennsylvania and is ready to ROCK your town!!!!

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Rob Brown 

Delivers high energy right out of the gate.  You’d better be ready to get up and dance. An exquisite vocal talent as well as his Stage showmanship that will have you on the edge of your seat. 

“Top Timmy” Depew.....

promises to get your heart pounding with his crushing bass riffs in true Van Halen fashion. Tim’s Rock Solid timing is what’ll get you to get on your feet. 

When Adam Sorber ....

puts his feet to the floor and his hands in the air....    you’d better stand back. Killing it on the drums with that Alex Van Halen hard rockin’ can’t just find that anywhere!

Mike Smathers......

shocks and awes everyone every time he straps on that axe. He makes his lightning speed and tones look and sound effortless.  When you catch your breath you’ll agree...... He’s the real deal

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